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I believe entrepreneurship is empowerment. The impact of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is apparent at every level in our communities, nationally, regionally, locally, and in our households. And while everyone may not be ready to make the leap, everyone can benefit from a more entrepreneurial mindset.... and we simply need more.

I'm a proud Detroiter, entrepreneur, business development professional, public speaker, former investment advisor, and consummate grow giver. I have been working with professionals who are interested in transitioning into entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs who are already established and wish to grow and scale their businesses for approximately two decades.

I started this site out of belief that change can occur when people are equipped with the tools to exercise agency in their lives. And what better way to curate a life of satisfaction and fulfillment, than to build an enterprise/s that allow you to spend more time doing things that edify you, give you energy, and provides the means to live a purpose driven life.

I help entrepreneurs adopt strategies and access resources that helps them secure more clients; learn what it takes to effectively launch and market their services and products, access business planning expertise, acquire financing; improve the efficiency of their enterprises (reduce expenses), and protect their legal interests.


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